We specialize in the renovation, alteration and construction of private homes, apartments and offices of any size. We provide quality work to a particularly high level and know how to meet the design needs of our customers while considering their budget. We have recently implemented the use of the Monday system, an innovative software program that helps us plan, track and manage our projects every step of the way, so that they are performed efficiently with full transparency. 

If you choose to work with us, these are just some of the many services you will receive:

Personal Service

We will accompany you throughout the entire process until the project is completed and will answer any questions or dilemmas that you may have. We are extremely dedicated to our clients and will be available for you at all times.

Complete renovations

It is important for us to get to know you, understand your needs and plan the project accordingly. We will build a detailed budget together, plan the schedules and begin. We will update you at every stage regarding our progress. No matter how complex the renovation is, we will make sure you are relaxed and enjoying the process.

Architect and interior designer

Sometimes when carrying out a complete renovation for a house, apartment or an office, it is important to employ a good architect or interior designer. We can recommend excellent professionals that we trust to get the job done but we will also be happy and are always open to working with new architects and designers that you may have in mind.

Weekly progress reports

We pay attention to all the small details and will prepare for you planned in-depth reports on the costs including a detailed quantities list. We will make sure that you know exactly what is going on at each stage of the renovation through weekly progress reports.

Full transparency and quality testing

From start to finish, the entire process, including all the finishing touches is managed with full transparency. At every step of the way, we will also make a quality assessment of the work that has been done.

Bathrooms renovation and design

We will invest time and effort in making sure that the bathroom renovation we do for you will be practical, aesthetic and really impressive. We will find the most intelligent way to create a sense of space through creative storage solutions, will replace existing plumbing and integrate advanced heating functions.

High quality materials

We only use high quality materials that are durable and long lasting. Our customers say that even years after the renovation they still feel as if they are living in a new home.

Flooring and surfacing solutions

Porcelain flooring, granite, wood cladding, parquet, mosaic and special stone works. One can be creative because there are many new designs available as this field is constantly developing. We know how to work with all sizes, to make special finishes and professionally cut corners. We can do decorative wall or floor coverings for any space and work including jobs that requires an epoxy gun.

מקסום חללים

נשתמש בפתרונות יצירתיים לתכנון החלל למקסימום שימוש על די בניית נישות, שימוש באביזרים מיוחדים, פתרונות חימום מכל הסוגים, אריחים בכל הגדלים, פסיפסים, שילוב של שיש פינות עם אלמנטים איכותיים או גרונגים מדויקים.

Keeping to schedule

We always meet our schedules and occasionally complete the job beforehand! We invest time and effort in being precise because the work is not finished unless everything is perfect. We will return about a month after we have finished the project to address any snags and only then take the balance of the payment.