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Bathroom renovation

When it comes to a bathroom renovation, we will look for the most intelligent ways to create a feeling of space, will find creative storage solutions, will use high quality materials that will protect the walls and cabinets from mold, will optimize lighting and choose unique heating solutions. A lot depends on creativity and the ability of the team you work with to use the budget available wisely. Here is a short list of things that are important to consider with bathroom renovation:

Preparing a sketch

At our first meeting, we start measuring the bathroom space to see exactly what we have to work with. We make an accurate sketch of the room that includes water and electricity points. Then we will measure the exact distance between the shower and the basin, between the basin and the door and between the toilet and the bath or shower. It is important to plan the space correctly, so that you will have enough room to maneuver comfortably when getting out of the shower. 


Storage Solutions

Think about storage solutions. What will be the most convenient way for you to access the items that are in them eg. toiletries or cosmetics for everyday use. Think of spaces that you can utilize to create storage like corners, side cabinets, behind the toilet or above it.


Planning the design

As mentioned before, one of the most important things in bathroom renovation is to maximize the space. Because bathrooms are usually not very large, try to make intelligent design choices – a standing bath or a hanging toilet will give a more spacious feeling. Accessories such as taps and cabinet handles can refresh the look and upgrade it remarkably as well as niches and shower benches.


Lighting and ventilation

If you do not have a window in the bathroom, there are two important things that you must do. Firstly, consider installing a ventilation system – this is important for aeration but also helps prevent the buildup of mold. Secondly, you will need to incorporate lighting that will replace natural light. Remember that lighting contributes a lot to the design and the overall atmosphere so do not underestimate its value.


Color and Decor

When choosing a paint always go for a mold-resistant. It will last longer. In bathrooms, the predominant colors are light pastels and white that give a sense of cleanliness. However, you can definitely be more daring and create beautiful and elegant design combinations, using colorful tiles and accessories. You can use bright colors and motifs of modern design like minimalism and clean lines. 


Be smart

When you picture your dream bathroom, you probably imagine a bathroom from a luxury hotel. You must remember, however, that the bathroom should be practical. The bathrooms and toilets are central spaces that are most admired after a renovation. When doing a bathroom renovation you can add special elements and be more daring – so take advantage of it and be creative!



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