The Guide to Renovating Your Apartment - Important information for you to know

Want to renovate your house?

Excellent. You have already made the most important decision and now all you have to do is to initiate the process. We are here to accompany you every step of the way. Apartment renovation requires patience as it can become a tedious and complicated exercise, however, that is exactly why we are here – with us, it will be smooth, simple and fun!

We are here to help you plan. You will need to consider many factors such as which professionals and subcontractors you will choose, which materials to purchase and at what price, time frames and in general – where do you start?

For all these questions and more, for example practicality, durability, aesthetics, costs etc., we have prepared an inclusive and comprehensive guide that is worth reading. After all, you intend to invest time, energy and finances for your renovation so why not do it correctly. Here is a list that summarizes all that you will need to do:


  1. Define your needs

Defining your needs is an initial step that can determine the entire workflow. Think about exactly what you want to renovate, what are the things that are most important to you and how you will meet your budget framework. There are several reasons to renovate:

  1. Renovation of an investment apartment 

You can renovate an apartment either to increase its market value or in order to generate more rent. You might want to renovate the apartment to build more rooms, renew the infrastructure, or just to redesign the aesthetics. Renovating not only increases the value of the apartment but also helps to sell it more quickly.

  • Renovation of a residential apartment

You can renovate the apartment you live in. There is a difference between making minor cosmetic changes, such as painting or new flooring as opposed to renovating the entire apartment. The latter sometimes includes knocking down walls and major reconstruction requiring the expertise of an architect or interior designer. Either way, you should always consider renovating the apartment according to your needs and budget.


  • Planning a budget

Once you have defined your needs, it is time to be practical. Deciding on a budget will help you understand exactly what you can afford – we recommend that you prepare an Excel spreadsheet for this. By doing so you will be able to see your estimated expenses and compare quotes. Taking measurements and making sketches of your apartment will assist in getting quotes.  A planned budget will help to prevent unnecessary costs.


It is also very important to balance the cost of the proposed renovation against the price of the property itself. Make sure you are not over-capitalizing and spending more than you can afford.

  • Comparing prices and quotes

When you take quotes from professionals, suppliers or subcontractors, remember to break down costs to include the labor, the materials you will need and related products like lighting, flooring, sanitary etc. Preparing accurate lists of products and materials (and comparing apples with apples) is important because certain materials affect the price of the work. For example, installing mosaics and small tiles costs more than installing large 100/100 tiles.


So how much will an apartment renovation cost?

Apartment renovation costs vary depending on the apartment size, choice of materials, type of renovation, the contractor and even the location of the apartment in terms of ease of access. One must also take into account the payment of professionals like an architect or an interior designer, carpentry, sanitary ware, lighting and even furniture.


Infrastructure renewal. Do not skimp – It will not pay off!

There are people who choose to make an apartment renovation in stages for budgetary reasons but do bear in mind, for example, that if you have already decided to replace the flooring in the bathrooms, it is better to take the opportunity to renew the plumbing simultaneously.


Plumbing renewal is usually an expensive part of the renovation process but is worth it in the long run. You want to avoid the situation of having to lift tiles a few years down the line to repair faulty plumbing. Renovations are quite an investment, so at least make sure it is a smart one!

We will prepare a quantity list for you

A quantity list will be drawn up for you by the architect, the designer or ourselves. It includes a detailed breakdown of everything you will need for the renovation process according to a formulated plan. It includes demolition, electrical, plumbing, sealing work, flooring and cladding, materials and more. A quantity list will give you an accurate picture for the total costs of the renovation. 


During the renovation, we may face unexpected surprises that will force us to make changes that neither of us could anticipate. This is exactly why a quantity list is so important. We strive to be prepared for everything in advance. 


Ways to cut costs

There are several ways to save costs in a renovation. You can renovate in stages or start with only the necessary changes. It is also possible to save costs by conducting an in-depth market survey before purchasing materials. You can buy relatively inexpensive products like flooring or paints at discounted prices, purchase furniture in thrift stores or acquire relatively cheap products on-line though sites such as eBay and the like.


Architect and interior designer – yes or no?

Designing your home on your own will significantly reduce the cost of the renovation but it will take much of your valuable time and possibly cost you more if you make a miscalculation. Planning a renovation with an architect and/or interior designer can give you a critical advantage as he will look for things you would not even know ask. In purely cosmetic renovations, it may not be necessary to hire a professional but in complete renovations it is important to have someone by your side that understands how to do the job properly. The professionals we work with are experts in their field – You request and we will provide.


Supervision of the renovation process

Part of the job of the contractor is to be on-site to make sure the work is done correctly. He must know what is going on at each stage of the project and manage the team to achieve a perfect result. We know how to collaborate with all types of people and there is full transparency throughout the renovation process.


Inspirations for your renovation

Big dreams and great ideas begin with inspiration. We recommend reading style magazines or searching Google for sources of inspiration. Countless sites contain amazing ideas for apartment design or renovation for example Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram pages ( thespruceofficial, my_homely_decor, chilledhome and interior_boho to name a few). You can participate in design forums, join social media groups, read articles online and even visit boutique hotel sites. Inspiration is everywhere. Your house is like a white canvas on which you can create your wildest dreams! 

Completing the look

Once the house is fully renovated you can complete the look with lighting, furniture, art and fittings. Make sure to integrate them with the overall design. We will assist you with even the smallest details. 

We do not leave a customer until he is satisfied!


For any enquiries, additional questions or special requests – we are here for you and will be happy to chat. Talk to us >>

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